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One stop auto repair facility

Times are changing and the hunt for a skilled team to take care of your vehicle is becoming harder and harder to find. Through years of industry expierence, we've put together a one stop shop for all your automotive needs. Our team is here to work with you, treat you fairly, with full transparency and high quality workmanship.

Certified Technicians

With oodles of Factory Training and Trade Certifications, our team of technicians is focused on job quality and not job quantity. We're proud to put our name on our work.

Lifetime Warranty

Our team takes pride in its workmanship and skilled abilities. If any repair performed at Petrol Haus fails due to poor workmanship, we will fix it at no charge.

OEM Service Info

Our team has access to all types of OEM Workshop Manuals, Technical Service Bulletins, Wiring Diagrams, etc. Access to this information allows us to save time and save you money.

Speciality Tooling

Our technicians have a knack for doing those difficult jobs which often require special tools. From job specific tools to a complete array of welders, we have the tools to fix/fabricate anything.

All types of vehicles,
all types of repairs.

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Is one of your warning lights on your dash illuminated? Is your Vehicle shifting weird? Maybe its that weird noise you've been hearing over bumps or your alarm going off in the middle of the night. Our team thrives solving problems and repairing any issues your vehicle may have.

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Air Conditioning

Is your vehicles Air Conditioning system acting up? Not cooling properly? Are you tired of the sweaty drives home after a hard day? Have you been telling yourself its an expensive luxury to repair? Well NO MORE! Our team has all the proper tooling to accurately diagnose and repair all R-134A & R-1234YF vehicle systems.

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Brake Systems

I'm sure we can all agree that stopping is fairly important when it comes to operating a vehicle. That's why when it comes to brakes, no compromise should ever be made. No matter the symptom that arises with your vehicles braking system, our team has the knowledge and tooling to diagnose, service and replace any problem that may present itself.

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Fluid Maintenance

Long gone is the myth that all oils are the same. With the vast changes in vehicles and the difference in technologies that each car brand uses, specific oils are required for each type of automotive system. Through years of use and testing by our staff, Petrol Haus is proud to offer our customers a range of Liqui-Moly© products that are guaranteed to meet and exceed OEM specifications of your vehicle.

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Are you fighting to keep your vehicle in its lane? Is your steering wheel crooked while you are driving straight? Maybe you have been replacing your tires way too often? At Petrol Haus we use Touchless Hunter Tire Machines paired with Hunters Road Force Balancer, and The Hunter HawkEye Alignment System. With these tools our trained technicians can accurately identify and fix all drivability concerns.

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Advanced Repairs

We believe advanced repairs are where we truly shine at Petrol Haus. We pride ourselves in our knowledge, experience and technical skills. These strengths, paired with our access to OEM tooling and documentation allows us to perform repairs other shops won't.

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Your vehicle, your choice, always.


Mount and Balance

You care about your rims and tires, and we do too. Get your tires mounted and balanced with our state of the art touchless Hunter© tire machine and road-force balancer.


4 Wheel Alignment

Fighting to keep your car in your lane? Tires wearing abnormally? Steering wheel crooked? Let us check and correct your vehicle with our Hunter© HawkEye Wheel Alignment machine.


Seasonal Tire Swap

Snowy Winters and Sunny Summers. Different seasons require different types of tires, and your no stranger to it. Bring us your tires on rims and we will make sure your vehicle is ready.

Exclusive monthly offer

10% OFF Brake Repairs!

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20+ years experience

Make the change to a different Haus, Your vehicle deserves it.

At Petrol Haus we specialize in repairing and maintaining European and Asian Vehicles. While we can fix all types of vehicles, gas and diesel, we focus on being able to fully maintain and repair the following brands: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW, Mini, Volvo, Honda/Acura, Subaru, Toyota/Lexus, Mitsubishi.

Will you pick up and drop off my vehicle?

Absolutely! If your vehicle is currently road worthy, we will send one of our team members to pickup your vehicle and bring it back once we are finished. If your vehicle needs to be towed or trailered, this is no problem either. Please contact our service team to schedule your pickup today!

Yes! - We are focused on quality workmanship and that means we are a no rush enviroment. Jobs get done with care every time and that requires proper scheduling. We do understand emergencies happen, in this case please call first and we will do our best to accommodate.

Yes! - We understand keeping a fleet properly maintained is not only just for maintaining operating costs, but also for keeping your fleet on the road with minimal downtime. Our team goes above and beyond with our fleet service offering pickup and drop off valet service aswell as providing you with a complete web based system that allows you to track repair history and costs at your fingertips.